Sugarcane Information System (SIS)

Uttar Pradesh cane development


Basic Information

Uttar Pradesh is the foremost state in production of sugar and sugarcane in the country. The state tops the list of sugarcane producing states, whereas, it ranks second in sugar production. The sugarcane is produced in 44 districts of the state and of these districts 28 districts are the major sugarcane producing districts. There are 119 operational sugar mills running in the State. A total of about 35 lakh sugarcane farmers are members of the 169 U.P. Cooperative Cane Development Societies and the sugarcane is supplied to mills through these societies.

Main Statistical Details of Sugarcane in the State

SN Year Sugarcane Area
(Lakh Hect)
Sugarcane Production
(Lakh Hect)
Total Sugarcane Crushed
(Lakh Tonnes)
Cane Price Payment
Till dt: 27/06/2018
1 2017-18 22.99 1820.75 1110.33 23054.16
2 2016-17 20.54 1486.57 827.16 25327.24
3 2015-16 20.52 1364.12 645.66 18003.21
4 2014-15 21.32 1389.02 744.54 20623.15
5 2013-14 23.60 1480.93 701.17 19388.23
6 2012-13 24.24 1493.98 815.06 22459.52

Sugarcane farmers remain in contact with their respective sugar mills from sowing to harvesting of cane through their Cooperative Cane Development Societies. Although following activities are very important for sugar mills and sugarcane farmers-

1. Sugarcane Survey:-
Under this a variety-wise survey of plant cane and Ratoon planted by Sugarcane farmers, is conducted every year. This becomes the main basis of sugar cane development and marketing.

2. Sugarcane Survey Demonstration:-
The Sugarcane survey conducted village-wise is demonstrated in a village-chaupal is known as Sugarcane Survey demonstration. There a farmer can lodge his objections about his cane area or sugarcane variety.

3. Precalender :-
Determination of supply-tickets on the basis of suppliable cane & means of transportation as per bonding policy after disposal of survey objections is called pre calendar.

4. Satta :-
Under the bonding policy issued by the Cane Commissioner, a bonded quantity of suppliable sugarcane by a farmer is called Satta.

5. Calendar :-
At the start of crushing season issuance of supply tickets on the basis of total satta as per fortnight & column, is called calendar.

6. Purchi (Supply Ticket) :-
To fulfil the day to day crushing need of a factory, the concerned society issued the proportional supply tickets to their members from the calendar are called purchi.

7. Weighment :-
The net weight of sugarcane supplied by sugarcane farmers on the basis of supply ticket is called weighment.

8. Payment:-
The cane price made for sugarcane weighed, on issued supply-ticket to the cane grower at the rate (per quintal) announced by the State Government, is called payment.

Website, Uttar Pradesh Cane Development, mainly aims at furnishing information regarding with full transparency and accuracy to all respected civilians and sugarcane farmers. Farmers can get any information relating to themselves / sugar mills of the state. Sugarcane farmers can receive information regarding sugarcane development and marketing by visiting the respective sugar mills website.