Sugarcane Information System (SIS)

Uttar Pradesh cane development


  • Q1. What is Sugarcane Information System (SIS)?
    A. Sugarcane Information System (SIS) was launched in the crushing season 2010-11. Under this system arrangement of websites, IVRS, SMS, QSMS, HHC and GPS at out centers have been implemented by the sugar mills.
  • Q2. How can a cane grower use SIS system?
    A. Any legitimate member of a cane society can avail the above facility on his mobile phone, computer/laptop or nearby located P.C.O. or cyber cafe.
  • Q3. How to register mobile number?
    A. Mobile number can be registered with the help of enquiry office of their sugar mills or through respective sugarcane supervisor of the area.
  • Q4. What is IVRS?
    A. IVRS is such a system by which any person can get information on his mobile or other basic phone at any time directly from the sugar mill computer.User dials the designated telephone number and the computer reads out the desired information in Hindi.
  • Q5. What kind of information the IVRS provides?
    A. A farmer can get information regarding cane survey, satta, calendar, society supply-tickets, cane weighment and payment through connecting IVRS numbers.
  • Q6. Who can take benefit from the IVRS?
    A. Any farmer who is a legal member of the cane development society can use IVRS.
  • Q7. To whom SMS is sent?
    A.All the farmers who are legal members of the cane development society and have got their mobile number registered in sugar mill computer system get the benefit of SMS.
  • Q8. What is SMS Log?
    A. Different types of SMS sent to cane growers all depicted as SMS Log in sugar mill websites. With a view to confirm SMS sent, date & time of delivery of SMS log can be seen on sugar mills’ website.
  • Q9. If a cane grower is not getting any SMS on his mobile phone, what should he do?
    A. If a cane grower has not got his mobile number registered in sugar mill/cane society/cane development council, he must get his number registered without any delay. After mobile number registration, if grower is still not receiving SMS on his mobile phone, he must approach to mobile operator for DNC unregistration.
  • Q10. What is query SMS?
    A. This is a mutual, bilateral question-answer SMS service between a legitimate member of society and a sugar mill computer.
  • Q11. How can a grower avail facility of query SMS?
    A. Any legitimate member of a cane society through his registered mobile number (RMN) may send his questions by SMS to sugar mill's query SMS number and in return, may get his answers as SMS on his registered mobile number.
  • Q12. How can a cane grower get detailed information about mill management?
    A. A cane grower can approach any computer or nearby PCO/Cyber Café where he can get all such information after selecting mill management button on concerned sugar mill website.
  • Q13. In case a cane supply ticket issued by a cane society is stolen/lost, how can a cane grower get his sugar cane weighed?
    A.While issuing cane supply ticket to a cane grower, Cane society is also sent supply ticket number and details on grower’s registered mobile number (RMN). If a grower does not get his supply ticket due to any reason, he may get his sugarcane weighed on out centres after showing his supply ticket number received on his mobile phone.
  • Q14. How can a cane grower get information regarding cane survey?
    A.A cane grower may approach any computer or visit nearby PCO/Cyber Café wherein he can open sugar mill website and on the home page after login he may see his cane survey after selecting cane survey button.
  • Q15. What should be done to convert the mode of transport? A. For this purpose, the farmers can move an application in the name of Secretary of cane society and can change the mode of transport.
  • Q16. What should be done to change the bank account number?
    A. For this purpose, the farmer should get NOC from the bank where he has a previous account and with an attested photo copy of pass book of a new bank account can contact to respective cane society and can change his bank account.
  • Q17. What should be done when sugarcane not supplied, under stipulated time of supply ticket due to any reason? A. For this purpose, the farmer should approach to the cane society office with Sugarcane supply ticket with an application. Subsequently, the society under rules will issue new supply ticket in place of former supply ticket.
  • Q18. What a farmer should do for the supply of burnt cane?
    A.First of all, such farmer should lodge an FIR in the respective police station thereafter he should give an application in the cane society office alongwith the copy of the FIR. Afterwards the society will conduct a survey of the burnt cane and will issue supply ticket to grower as per supply policy.
  • Q19. What can be done in case of wrong entry of farmer's sugarcane area?
    A. The farmer may contact the sugarcane supervisor for the same. The supervisor may correct his cane area after checking-survey details.
  • Q20. Who can become a member of sugarcane society?
    A. Any farmer having the cultivable land and growing cane on the same, can apply for the membership of concerned cane development society.
  • Q21. What steps need to be taken to become a member of cane cooperative cane Society?
    A. Membership of the cane cooperative society can be taken by submitting a declaration in the name of secretary of cane society along with the land documents, three passport size photographs of applicant’s and attested copy of the bank passbook. Further that, the society after examining the submitted documents and depositing the legal fee, will provide membership in accordance with society rules & byelaws.

For further details, the farmer may contact sugarcane supervisor of his area or cane society office.