Sugarcane Information System (SIS)

Uttar Pradesh cane development

Sugarcane Information System

Sugarcane information system (SIS) was launched in crushing season 2010-11.The SIS consists of the following six components which have been implemented by the sugar mills.

  • Websites
  • Short Messaging System (SMS)
  • Query Short Messaging System (QSMS)
  • Internet Voice Response System (IVRS)
  • Hand Held Computer (HHC)
  • Global Positioning System (GPS)

Sugar mills developed their websites and all information from supply ticket to sugarcane price payment is being uploaded on daily basis. This facilitates sugarcane farmers to see in detail the data regarding sugarcane survey of their area, supply, sugarcane weighment, sugarcane price payment etc. Using this system, information regarding survey, issue of supply ticket and cane supply is also being sent to 29 lakh farmers through SMS. Computerisation of out cane purchasing center made by establishing the HHC's benefiting the farmers and sugar mills, latest information is being also supplied to sugarcane farmers through IVRS system.

Summary of the components of SIS implemented by Sugar Mills is as below:

Sr. Kinds of SIS Sugarcane mills with SIS
1 Websites 116
2 SMS 116
3 QSMS 116
4 IVRS 116
5 HHC 116
6 GPS 53 (On Trial Basis)

Updated information regarding sugarcane development and marketing is being supplied to farmers with transparency and accuracy through SIS. This proved to be revolutionary step in the interest of the farmers. Further in the process, introduction of Query SMS and use of GPS has enhanced its utility.Individual farmer can see their complete details on their factory website.